Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013/08 August Updates

Hellooo, all! It's another month and you can expect us to catch up on all the new releases before school starts.
Do come say hi to us in the chatbox or comments. We'd love you for it.

Aug 7
Ojousama wa Oyomesama v04c22-c23 [SS]
Sensei v13c55-c56 [ILS]
Yokohoma Monogatari v02c16-c17 [Ivyscan]

Tsuiteru Kanojo somehow slipped past us, but it's now moved to Completed.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013/07 July Updates

We've updated the active titles! Subscribe to our news feed for a quick way to check.
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July 21
Ayakashi Koi Emaki v4c13 [DS] (Active)
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta v07c25-c27 [MysticIris & EviFlowers] (Active)

July 24
Half Prince v12c59-c60 [OS] (Active)
Hotaru no Hikari v09c49-c50 [JSis] (Active) - We're cheering you on, Hotaru!

July 25
Half Prince v12c61-c62 [OS] (Active) - OddSquad&Co. meet the real face of their enemy.
Kiss and Never Cry v05c25 [EvilFlowers] (Active)

July 26
Hotaru no Hikari v09c51-c52 [JSis] (Active)
Koi Suta v1c6end [CM] - now moved to Complete

July 27
Mouryou no Hako v02c04bc [DT] (Active)- The mystery continues building, but connections are beginning to be revealed.

Friday, May 31, 2013

2013/04 April-May Updates

So this is what happens when you try to make promises; jinx!
To make up for last month, we bring you 3 feature posts with all new additions and all different [sc], too!. You'll find at least 1 of every status: dropped, complete, active, oneshot.
Call it a belated birthday gift, which is what got us into trouble!

Scroll down for the posts if you're on the homepage, otherwise click the links below.

Manga-Garden's 7th Anniversary Gift: Featured Titles - Our Favourite Genres
1. March Comedy   Designed to make you laugh :D - or at least smile. :)
2. April Adventure   aka Fantasy D:
3. May Mystery    a lot more saved for later themes, which made it much hard to choose.

*There are no preview images because, lordy, the cover images needed too much editing.
*Most of the [sc] of the featured titles are gone, so check 'em out and the good ol' days.

So Happy 7th BDay to Manga-Garden. Will we survive another year? Stay tuned to find out! And, hey, come say hello in the comments or chatbox. We need some cheer. All the old messages in our chatbox mysteriously disappeared.

P.S. Personal storage and computer problems will limit new titles until we save enough money to get things fixed. =_=

2013/05 May Featured Titles

This is the 3rd and last part of our 7th Anniversary Gift.
Our 3rd theme is another genre that we love: Mystery!

Another coincidence? All of these [sc] groups have closed. ;_; Ahh, we're showing our age again. They were all great groups and we'll probably feature them in the future. And who knows; one of them might resurrect. Cookie to anyone who correctly answers which one of the 3 below did resurrect once.

Kira Kira Labyrinth ~view PREVIEW1, PREVIEW2, PREVIEW3~
Arisu chose an all-girls high school to get away from boys because they're too immature. Heck, she'd rather fall in love with a girl. School life at the dorms is going pleasantly well until her new roommate arrives. Kira is pretty and seems like a perfect girl, but she reveals a shocking secret to Arisu. In addition, Kira's real purpose for entering the school is to investigate the apparent suicide of an elder sister.
- summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06 [DaGurlzTranslationz]

Tsukiyo Zoushi ~view PREVIEW1, PREVIEW2, PREVIEW3~
Tsukiko gets sent out to investigate crimes that may be due to supernatural causes such as children being spirited away and shrine maidens being killed. Even Tsukiko's powers have a hidden past.
- summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c01-c04 [Nagare-Boshi Manga]

Yumemi na Psychic ~view PREVIEW1, PREVIEW2, PREVIEW3~
Rikushou Mikoto has transferred to a new school and the start of her days there is not without excitement. In two different incidents she reveals her special affinity to nature. While staking out the horse stables, she encounters a group that wants to recruit her based on what they've seen. They are the guardian gods, extraordinary students who resolve school issues and student requests while keeping their identity secret. They're hunting somebody who is sabotaging the school. - summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c01, c02, c03, c04, c05
Vol. 02: c06, c07, c08 [Ambrosia]

For links to all 3 feature parts, go to the original post!
If you'd like to see more titles that we host under this genre, use the Mystery tag!

People and machines suffered in the production of this anniversary gift, so come cheer us up in the chatbox or comments.

2013/04 April Adventures Featured Titles

This is the second part of our 7th Anniversary gift.
We wanted to put up some titles that weren't fantasy related, but there wasn't enough time and few choices...maybe another time.

People and machines suffered in the production of this anniversary gift, so come cheer us up in the chatbox or comments.

Chocobo no Fushi Monogatari
Chocobo is looking for its parents and Moogle is a treasure stealer hunter; together the unlikely duo go on adventures. Although there's much excitement, they don't seem closer to their goals! - summary by Manga-Garden
Volume 01: c01, c02, c03 [Manga-Koejke]

Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki view ~PREVIEW1, PREVIEW2, PREVIEW3~
Suzu is an orphaned girl with strong spiritual powers. A samurai called Shinkuro taught her spells to control her power and became her toto-sama. Unfortunately, she lost her new protector during war. Her only momento is a flute he gave to her before his last mission. One day, when Suzu is on an errand, a monster attacks her group. When things become desperate, a guardian spirit rises out of the flute! Somehow, he reminds Suzu of her beloved Toto-sama.
- summary by Manga-Garden
Volume 1: c01, c02, c03, Volume 2: c04, c05, c06,
Volume 3: c07-c08, c09-c11, Volume 4: c12-c16, Volume 5: c17-c21 end [Ivyscan]

Sangoku Rensenki - Otome no Heihou!
Hana is at the library, researching the three kingdoms, when she finds a book with game pieces and battle maps. While reading it, a bright light engulfs her and she finds herself in a strange forest. A voice directs her down a path with a message for Gentoku. Following these directions, she ends up appointed as a war tactician! Using her magical book, fate is in her hands. - summary by Manga-Garden
Volume 1: c01, c02 [Iskultrip]

Continue to the 3rd part of the lucky 7th gift: Mystery or Visit the starting post with all parts.

If you want to browse more titles we host under this genre, use the Adventure tag! The number of choices is rather pitiful. >_< Our current 2 other adventure titles were also previously featured here and here.

2013/03 Happy Anni! Featured Titles

Happy 7th Birthday to Manga-Garden!
The theme is comedy, but we happened to choose a lot of releases from old times... Nostalgia?

People and machines suffered in the production of this anniversary gift, so come cheer us up in the chatbox or comments

-- Place your mouse over previews to see snapshots! (click if it doesn't work)

Hajimete no Chuu Ijou
Saori-chan has a question for her cousin; she's wondering about the birds and bees...(none of it happens, though) you know, it's s-s-sssss....- summary by Manga-Garden
The Story [MiracleAttackSc]

Marvelous Melmo
~Preview ONE, TWO, THREE~
Melmo's mom suddenly dies, but she's worried about her little daughter. In heaven, she receives a special gift for Melmo. Eating a blue candy will make someone grow older and eating a red candy will make someone grow younger. Perhaps some guidance for responsible use should've been included with these instructions because Melmo finds many situations and subjects, even non-human ones, for this magical gift!
- summary by Manga-Garden
Volume 1 [SushiBarManga]

Welcome to Cosmos Apartment
Sora was living a simple, but peaceful life of a college student until she found a collapsed alien in the park who follows her home. In a moment of weakness (involving a cockroach), she allows him to stay a bit. - summary by Manga-Garden
The Story [HMR]

Continue to the second part of our lucky 7th gift: Adventure titles
or Visit the starting post for all parts.
If you want to browse more titles that we host under this genre, use the Comedy tag!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013/03 March Updates

It's our anniversary month! 7 years and time just keeps on flying faster.

Yes, we're going to have featured titles again this month, but we haven't decided on a theme yet... For now, here are some chapter updates!

Mar 08
Pink no Idenshi v02c08 [ochibichan] - moved to Inactive b/c dear ochibichan closed ;_;
Sensei! v09c39-v11c48  [iLS] (Active) - huh, a vol explosion and there's still more...

Mar 13
Sensei! v12c49-v13c54 [ILS] (Active)

Mar 15
Sensei v13c55-v15c64 [ILS] (Active) - we've caught up with the most current translation!

Show Princess c06-c14 [Starlight] (Inactive) - moved to Inactive b/c of [sc] inactivity :(
Suki Desu Suzuki-kun v04c16-c18 [Starlight] (Active)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013/02 Feb Updates

Here's a wrap up of new additions for February. If we don't squeeze in any more in the next few days, see you next month, which happens to be our anniversary time!

Chapter Updates:
Feb 01  - all under Active
Incandescent Moon v4c19 [Esthetique & SMM]
Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda v8c12 [Shinnen]
Kiss and Never Cry v4c21-c24 [EF]

Feb 17  - 1 Complete! The rest are Active
Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu v12c77 [Sporadic]
Mitsu Aji Blood/Buraddo v01c04-c05 [ShoujoAddiction]
Midnight Children v02c05b-c08end [Towa no Hana, Transient Mirage] - now Complete

Feb 22  - 1 Inactive. Everything else is Active
Innocent Dragon v3c07a-v4c07b [Ivyscan] (Active)
Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru v2c07-v03c08 [Midnight]
Mitsu Aji Blood/Buraddo v2c06-c08 [xxdAlicebxx, TwistedMist/Daisy]
Momoiro Heaven v3c11-c12 [TB]

My Girl [K-M] - it doesn't seem like this will be finished by a [sc], so we moved it to Inactive. You can find it finished by anons online and maybe one day we'll put those up.

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013/01 January Updates

Well, hello, there! It's been quiet around here, but we've still been around behind the scenes.

Site News: The featured titles from October now have their own individual pages.

Scanlator News:
  • We have a new scanlator that we forgot to mention in September. Mystic Iris!
  • Also, we are extremely sad to say farewell to Ochibichan, one of the greatest & oldest HQ groups has been disbanded. Their channel was still open last checked.
  • vvhime of Ivyscan is expecting, so wish her the best! The group is also celebrating 9 years, so Happy Anniversary!

Chapter Updates:
Jan 19
Biyaku Cafe v03c10 [FTV, Mystic Iris] (Active)
Bokutachi was Shitte Shimatta v05c20-v06c21 [EF & Mystic Iris] (Active)
Jan 22
Bokutachi was Shitte Shimatta v06c22-v06c24 [EF & Mystic Iris] (Active)
Half Prince v10c56-c58 [oss] (Active)
The Flowers of Evil [noir] has been updated and moved to Completed.
Jan 31
Hotaru no Hikari v08c43-c48 [Jsis] (Active)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012/10 Halloween Featured Titles

Time for Halloween and our Featured Titles article!
The treats: Supernatural, Horror, or Fantasy - we have all flavours.
The trick: There will be two parts.

Remember: If you have any recommendations or comments, we want to hear them! Post here in the comments or in the chatbox.

-- Place your mouse over previews to see snapshots! (click if it doesn't work)
Part One

Forever Honey
A clumsy father depends on his little daughter to organize his life, but her goal is to help them move on. A very touching story about the bonds of love.
 - summary by Manga-Garden
The Story [Wingtip Cafe]

He tells his targets he is a merchant and offers special items that will help solve their problems. These gifts supposedly bring happiness, but be careful...  - summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c01 [Nyar], c02 [Nyar & CoD]

Tsuiteru Kanojo
Iwasaki Yukimi can't find a good boyfriend and she is protected by a spirit guardian - two factors that really dampen her love life. When a handsome priest proposes marriage to her, it seems like she has the solution to both her problems. However, being the future wife of a temple priest has its challenges, too.  - summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c00-c02 [EE & CoD], c03-c04 [Whisper & EvilFlowers]

Part Two

Nil no Koi Mahoujin
It's almost time for the dance party at the magic academy. Nil really wants to impress her best friend, hoping that he'll go, too. - summary by Manga-Garden
The Story [Kokoro no Oasis]

Mouryou no Hako  view ~PREVIEW1, PREVIEW2, PREVIEW3~
Life, death, and reincarnation. On this summer night, an incident occurs at the railroad tracks and a girl is hit by a train. By chance, Detective Kiba happened to be on the train and becomes the investigator. As the mystery unfolds, different people and events are pulled in as truths unravel. - summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c01 part A-C, c02 part A-C
Vol. 02: c03 part A-B, c04 part A  [Dark Tower]

Peter Pan Syndrome  view ~PREVIEW1, PREVIEW2, PREVIEW3~
Hasumi Kohaku is not your average girl and it's one reason why she has moved to a new town and school. When someone finds out just how special she is, she ends up making a friend. It isn't long before there's trouble from her secret and she needs her friend's support!
- summary by Manga-Garden
Vol. 01: c01-c05
Vol. 02: c06-c09+extra [Esthetique]